Patio Stones- Buyers Guide

Patio stones can be used in a number of creative ways in any garden or construction project. In Southern Ontario, many homeowners and landscape professionals use these stones to tie a home or garden design theme to the natural environment.

There are a variety of options when it comes to creating a surface for your outdoor living spaces.



Choose it because: it is extremely durable, non slip, and offers an extremely natural and unique look.

Use for: outdoor dining rooms, pool surroundings, or natural walkways.

Maintenance and installation: Flagstone is one of the more difficult materials for do-it-yourselfers to install. It is most frequently seen in irregular shapes, so you will have to put them together like a puzzle before installing. Maintenance for this material is very simple- all you have to do is sweep to keep it clear of leaves and debris to prevent staining.

Interlocking Brick/Stone

Manufactured interlocking products come in 2 options: pavers or slabs.



Choose them because: installation is extremely easy, and bricks are easy to replace due to the standard shapes. These options are more affordable than a natural material, and they allow you to create distinct designs and patterns.

Use for: outdoor living spaces, driveways, walkways, steps, or any areas where drainage is important.

Maintenance and installation: Due to the regular shapes available in interlocking materials, installation is much simpler for the homeowner with no masonry experience. Little maintenance is required, and if there is ever a situation where a brick needs to be replaced, the uniform nature of the manufacturing process means this will be a stress-free job.


Choose them because: they offer the easiest installation and provide an elegant look.

Use for: lower traffic areas. Not suitable for driveways unless it is specified thick enough to handle vehicular traffic.

Maintenance and installation: Slabs provide the look of interlock with far less pieces. One slab can appear the equivalent of 10 or more individual bricks, so your installation time can be drastically reduced.

Using Patio Stones in Decorative Ways

Adding a patio feature to your landscape can be both functional and decorative. Here are some ideas on how you can use them to enhance your landscape:

  • Introduce stepping stones through a garden
  • Create an active play space for children
  • Introduce an enclave for a bistro set into a garden or into your turf
  • Replace a wood deck with a stone patio that will increase your property value

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