Potting Soil Mix

When you’re choosing the proper potting soil mix for container gardening and other home planting projects, you should select a mix that meets the same high standards you would demand for larger landscape projects.

Choosing a High-Quality Potting Soil Mix

Many experienced gardeners will tell you that planting methods for small pots and containers are every bit as complex as planning a major landscape renovation. Plants in small pots are just as susceptible to fungus, poor drainage and weeds as plants that are growing in the ground. They also lose moisture much more quickly. When you choose a potting soil mix, you should look for the following:

Potting Soil Mix

  • A natural sterilization process that ensures the potting soil mix is weed-free
  • An organic testing method that checks for moisture and fertility
  • A mix, such as triple soil, that is nutritionally balanced for optimal growth through the addition of compost and fibre
  • A soil that has balanced porosity and friability to facilitate root growth and slow feeding

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