Red Mulch

Red Mulch adds a dash of color to a garden. If you have a white brick house, red mulch in the garden will definitely make the house look brighter and provide a beautiful contrast for your plants and flowers.

At Van Beek’s, you can find a wide variety of different colored mulches, including red. They are organic and, unlike chemical pesticides, cause no harm to plants. Apart from inhibiting the growth of weeds, our mulches aid in water retention and provide insulation to the garden.

Some of our popular varieties of mulches are:

  • BC Cedar Mulch – The brilliant gold and red color of this mulch is resistant to fading and lasts much longer than other average products. Its aroma is not only pleasing but also functional as it repels insects.
  • Exotic Cocoa Bean Mulch – This is made from the husk of cocoa shells and has a great fragrance. The garden smells like chocolate or roasted coffee beans. A favorite among coffee lovers, this burgundy red mulch makes a garden come to life. Literally!
  • Natural Bark Mulch: Acknowledged as one of the most popular mulches, natural bark mulch greatly aids in trapping moisture. We have our exclusive BC Red Cedar Bark Mulch which has become a favorite among our customers in and around Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington and Milton.

To find out what variety of mulch is best for your garden, come to a Van Beek’s store nearest you. We are located in Mississauga and Oakville. We stock only the best quality products, our executives are courteous and we offer competitive rates. What reason do you have to stay away now? Get in touch with us soon. We’ll be happy to help you.

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