Soil Garden


Soil is the most important component of any garden. However, most people tend to overlook it and do not grant it its due importance. There needs to be more awareness when it comes to the soil in the garden. When starting a garden, most people are excited about plants, and tress and other design elements of their lawn. However, the key ingredient that will ensure lush, healthy and productive plants is the soil in your garden.

Just before you start a garden, pay careful attention to things like quality and pH level of the existing soil, the fertilizers that are needed and extra additives and organic matter that will make a difference to the quality of plants and trees in your garden. Once you become familiar with the soil in your garden, you will be able to understand its other requirements like, how often to fertilize and water the plants, what kind of mulch or additives would be most beneficial for your garden, and other similar issues.

Almost all kinds of soil gains from the additives that you put into it. It helps the soil in the garden to retain moisture, provide aeration, and supply organic matter. Garden soil depends greatly on organic matter that comes from the decaying of once living plants and animals. The soil must be rich in nutrients if you want your garden to thrive.

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