Topsoil Mix

Topsoil Mix

Are you looking for a topsoil mix for your garden? Van Beek’s is the leading supplier of topsoil mixes which can be used for all kinds of gardening purposes, be it in nurseries or golf courses. Both recreational gardeners and professional landscapers in the communities of Oakville, Milton, Burlington and Mississauga, have come to trust Van Beek’s name and associate it with reliability and quality.

What is the reason behind the success of the topsoil mix sold at Van Beek’s? Simple – we maintain the highest standards when making these mixes. Sifted through the smallest screens in the market, the topsoil mixes are rich and fine. They are naturally sterilized to be weed-free and organically tested for fertility and moisture content. The porosity of our topsoil mixes are balanced to ensure proper drainage to the plants and slow feed to the root system.

Not only are our topsoil mixes high in quality, they are also consistent in their characteristics. In case you require an extra load for your garden, the second batch of topsoil mix will look and feel like the first one. We consistently screen these mixes in order to ensure that there are no discrepancies in the moisture levels and texture.

Sometimes it may be difficult to figure out what soil mix is appropriate for your garden. However, the soil specialists at Van Beek’s will be able to suggest a topsoil mix customized specially for your gardening requirements. Our staff is courteous and helpful and they will assist you in making the right decision. Come to one of our stores located in Oakville and Mississauga and get to know why residents of Southern Ontario bank on us for topsoil mixes and other gardening solutions.

Please visit one of our locations and get your hands dirty in our rich soils. See and feel the beauty of the Van Beek's Premium Original Mix. Check out options for your backyard patio, natural stone or garden accessories. There's always something new to see and do – even the kids will enjoy a visit to Van Beek's yard!

Contact Van Beek's Landscaping Supplies Mississauga or Oakville today and let us know how we can be of service. We have been here over 50 years because our customers know they will receive the highest quality products, courteous service and competitive prices – every time.