Yard Topsoil

If you’re looking for yard topsoil in Southern Ontario, you probably already know about the local laws than ban the use of many chemical fertilizers and pesticides. You can use online sources to find a local company that features a wide variety of organic soil mixes, composts and mulches that meet local requirements.

Finding Yard Topsoil in Southern Ontario

Yard Topsoil

If you’ve lived in areas such as Oakville, Etobicoke, Missassauga, Milton and Burlington, you may have already noticed that most professional gardeners, landscape architects and groundskeepers use organic topsoil and fertilizer on an almost exclusive basis. Part of this is due to local restrictions on many chemical fertilizers and insecticides which have made their way into our food, air and water in the past. But the truth is, organic yard topsoil and mulches are an effective way to provide a healthy finish to a yard or garden.

Ask the designers and golf course groundskeepers in this area what they use to achieve such great results for their lawns and gardens. A majority will tell you about a high-quality topdressing made from organic yard topsoil and natural fibres. A consistent, finely-sifted soil mix creates the perfect mix of nutrients and oxygen that most plants need to thrive.

At Van Beek’s Garden Supply, we offer a wide range of yard topsoil and topdressing mixes that can be customized to your soil and climate conditions.

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