Oak Wood in Milton

Oak Firewood

What Is Oak Wood?

If you’re not familiar, oak comes from the oak tree (also known as Fagaceae in Latin). The majority of these trees are located in drier climates in the Northern Hemisphere. There are roughly 75-80 different oak species in North America, including 10 in Canada. Most of the oak trees in Canada are in southern regions of Ontario. They tend to grow very large and wide, and are commonly known for its strength and longevity. Even the name oak, derives its meaning from the “most excellent of trees.” It’s no wonder oak is one of the most popular firewood choices and a staple in many homes.  

Is Burning Oak Wood Worth It?

Oak is a hardwood, meaning it’s a lot denser and firmer than softwoods. Like most firewood, oak wood needs to be seasoned (dried) for about a year or more. Unseasoned wood contains approximately 50% of its moisture in the fibres, so it’s more difficult to burn and doesn’t yield as much heat. In fact, one fresh cut cord of oak wood has enough moisture to fill six 55-gallon drums. Burning unseasoned wood also produces more creosote build-up, which is harmful to fireplaces and other heating devices.

When  properly seasoned, oak wood produces a very slow-burn and increased heat. Unlike softwoods, you won’t need to keep feeding the fire. Instead you’ll be left with an intense and sustained fire. If you want your fire to stay hot and last, it’s always best to invest in a hardwood like oak.

Oak Firewood in Milton

Make sure you get the best firewood for your heating needs! At Van Beek’s we offer top quality oak firewood in Milton, so you can stay warmer and use less wood over time. We also deliver fully seasoned and cut oak wood that will last you all winter. You can receive your firewood order easily without leaving the comfort of your home. Contact us or call 1-866-778-5824 today for your oak wood delivery in Milton!

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