Premium Soil (Triple Mix)

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Premium Soil (Triple Mix) - Detailed Description

Van Beek's premium soil (triple mix) is our most popular soil blend that we have been making for over 60 years! Its light consistency and dark appearance make it a favourite amongst homeowners and professional landscapers. This general-purpose mix consists of topsoil, peat moss, compost, and manure and is perfect for all types of plants, flowers, trees, vegetable gardens, seeding, and patching lawns.  Screened through a specialized sifter to ensure a fine consistency, our premium soil is ideal for placing. We are proud of our premium soil (triple mix) and give our guarantee only natural materials were used when making this soil product. 

Van Beek’s premium soil (triple mix) will help promote healthy plant growth and flowering, stimulate healthy roots, assist with moisture retention, resist compaction, rejuvenate existing soil, and replace depleted nutrients in the soil and encourage microbial activity.   

Our premium soil (triple mix) is recommended for; flower and vegetable gardens, new lawns, patching bare spots on existing lawns and topdressing to existing lawns. 

Our premium soil (triple mix) is available for delivery and free in-store pickup; courtesy in-store loading is also available. 

Placement frequency: 
Best results are achieved using our premium soil when needed, annually in the spring, summer and fall. Place our premium soil within two weeks of purchasing to achieve optimal results. 

Contact Van Beek’s Landscape Supply today to discover why we are recognized as the Greater Toronto Area’s (GTA) leading supplier of Premium Soil (Triple Mix) to homeowners and professional landscapers.  For those with specific needs and requirements, custom blended soils are available for larger quantities.

Premium Soil (Triple Mix) - Additional Information

Cubic Foot (25L) Bag 
17'' x 28'' x 3.7"
43cm x 71cm x 9cm
32.05kg / 71lb

1 Cubic Yard Dumped Loose
36'' x 36'' x 36"
91cm x 91cm x 91cm
1089.6kg / 2400 lb

1 Cubic Yard Super Sac
36'' x 36'' x 36"
91cm x 91cm x 91cm
1089.6kg / 2400 lb

Disclaimer: Premium Soil soil cubic yard dumped loose bulk is a bulk product and will be dumped on your property without a bag. Please place an X in chalk where you would like us to leave your products.

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