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Having trouble enjoying your new outdoor space because of all the left-overs lying around?

Not Your Average Gardening Supplies Business

We are concerned with your well-being beyond the process of buying and installation. We know that often you can be left with conspicuous remnants from the gardening or landscaping work you’ve done and we also know how hard it can be for you to get rid of it all. And really, who wants to show off their beautiful new yard with left-over piles of soil or mulch lying around in the background?

Bin Services

As a family run business, we understand the realities of gardening, which is why we are now supplying a service for the removal of the following items:

Say goodbye to that mess today – contact us and order our bin service now!

Van Beek’s Bin Service is Easy, Clean and Green

The benefits of our bin service include:

  • Easy – Just call us up, give us the when, where and what (we’ve got the how covered), and a bin will be delivered to your address– you don’t even need to be there when it’s dropped off! Same with the pick-up..
  • Clean – In an unobtrusive and efficient manner, our bin service allows you to get rid of your mess in your own way and on your own terms. We aim to leave with no signs of ever being there (other than the fact that it looks a lot cleaner)!.
  • Green – As a business, and as people who depend upon a healthy earth, we understand the importance of cleaning up after ourselves. In other words, our business attempts to keep the environment a little greener for everyone’s sake.

Contact us for more information about our bin service, or drop in to one of our store locations – in Mississauga or Oakville – and see what other supplies and services we have to offer you!