Why Choose Interlocking Stone and Interlocking Pavers?

Variety, Durability, Versatility, Affordability – and Great Curb Appeal!

Serving Mississauga, Oakville and the Surrounding Areas

Interlocking stone is the first choice for many landscape professionals and homeowners, and the list of reasons is long! These manufactured, concrete stones are tough and durable, making them ideal for our winters in the Mississauga and Oakville area. Patio stones are easy to install and require no mortar, and if installed on a proper base, there’s very little movement or shifting.

Interlocking pavers are also cost-effective and easy to maintain. Their variety and versatility are also key. Patio pavers are available in an immense variety of beautiful styles, textures, colours, and sizes, so you can always find a type that works perfectly with your landscape design plans. Interlocking stone can even be sealed to deepen the colour and enhance their smooth surface.

Retaining Walls

Natural Stone


interlocking pavers backyard patio in Mississauga
interlocking stone patio in Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington
walkway with interlocking pavers in Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington

Van Beek’s offers a wide variety of landscape materials to beautify your property!

Interlocking Pavers: Ideal for Driveways and Walkways

Interlocking stone is the perfect solution for driveways and walkways and adds visual appeal to your property. Put cracked asphalt driveways and weedy walkways in the past! Many interlocking pavers are thick, strong, salt-tolerant, and designed to handle the pressure of vehicular traffic. Driveway pavers provide a non-slip surface and allow for easy removal of snow without surface damage.

Interlocking pavers are also ideal for walkways and paths, providing excellent curb appeal and a safe, solid surface. Different colours and shapes can be combined to create patterns for a unique design that complements your home’s exterior.

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Interlocking Pavers for Patios, Pool Surrounds, and More!

You can use interlocking patio stones to create a backyard oasis! It’s ideal for low-maintenance patios for family living and outdoor entertaining. Patio pavers are also perfect for creating beautiful pool surrounds. Unlike some natural stone, interlock doesn’t get hot in the sun, is comfortable for bare feet, and its non-slip!

interlocking pavers in Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington

Excellent Service and Interlocking Stone Expertise

At Van Beek’s, we support our interlocking paver selection with extensive product knowledge and expert service.

Experience Our Wide Range of Interlocking Stone

Van Beek’s carries dozens of interlocking products manufactured by high-quality interlocking stone brands. Visit one of our locations in Mississauga or Oakville to view all of our different patio stones and driveway pavers. Contact us to discuss your project and request a quote. We’d love to help you achieve your landscaping goals!

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