Retaining Walls in Mississauga, Oakville and the Surrounding Areas

Beautiful and Functional Elements of Your Landscape

Retaining walls are used to support soil so that it can be kept at a different level on each side of the wall. They’re ideal for steeply sloped areas that would otherwise suffer erosion or collapse. A retaining wall can manage changes in ground elevation in an attractive way, creating multiple levels and usable, flat areas in an otherwise sloped yard. Retaining walls can also be used to create other attractive and unique landscape features.

retaining wall
retaining wall
retaining wall

Van Beek’s offers a wide variety of materials for creating your perfect landscape.

Natural Stone or Interlocking Stone for Strong, Beautiful Retaining Walls

Natural Stone

Using natural stone for a retaining wall results in a landscape feature with an organic and rustic appeal. The variety of shapes and colours of natural stone can make the wall blend beautifully with its natural setting. Natural stone retaining walls should be built by a skilled and experienced professional who knows how to fit the stones together properly so that the joints are solid. Natural stone walls are durable and low-maintenance.

Interlocking Stone

Interlocking stone is extremely durable, easy to assemble, and requires no mortar. Certain types of interlocking stone can handle extreme pressure and can be built very high while still retaining its strength. These retaining wall blocks handle turns, corners, and curves easily, allowing for design flexibility to fit any landscaping project. Interlocking stone is also available in a very wide range of styles, colours, and textures, and it’s often backed by a long, or even lifetime, guarantee.

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Creative Uses of Retaining Walls

Stone retaining walls can do more than just manage slopes. They can be used to create beautiful raised planting beds and unique outdoor kitchen areas and to mark the edges of patios. Grill islands, BBQ areas, and outdoor counters can be built with retaining wall bricks, and low walls can be used to define or separate spaces from the rest of your landscape. A retaining wall can be enhanced with matching steps made out of the same stone.

The Versatility of Interlocking Stone

Van Beek’s offers a wide variety of beautiful and strong interlocking stone products.


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With the wide variety of retaining wall bricks that Van Beek’s offers, it’s easy to find a functional and durable material that fits your landscape design perfectly. We carry top brands with reputations for high-quality, beautiful products.Visit one of Van Beek’s locations in Mississauga or Oakville to browse our retaining wall blocks. We have all the materials and advice you need to complete your project, whether you’re a landscape professional or a DIYer. If you have any questions about our products, feel free to contact us and request a quote!

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