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Sod Mississauga, Oakville & GTA

The best sod, Mississauga, Oakville & Greater Toronto Area, can give you a lush lawn almost instantly. Whether you require a few a rolls or a complete truckload, you can trust Van Beek’s sod to be of the highest quality.

When you purchase from Van Beek’s, you can feel confident that your new lawn will thrive. As a result of the dense seeding pattern we utilize, our sod gives more individual grass blades and provides the best possible weed resistance.


High-Quality, Kentucky Bluegrass Sod

In the front yard or back, Kentucky Bluegrass Sod is equipped to handle everything that gets thrown on – or under it:

  • Traffic – high traffic lawns need a hardier grass variety and protection during germination
  • Sunlight – different grasses are better suited to high, medium or low sunlight exposure
  • Soil – consider your soil’s composition, drainage and grade

Visit our location in Oakville or Mississauga, or contact us now for help determining the type of sod that will work best for your uses.

How Much Sod Do You Need?

Determining the amount of sod you require is easy!

Take the length of the area to be covered, multiply it by the width and you have your ‘square measurement’. Order an extra few rolls to ensure you can still complete your job if any rolls become damaged.

Stop by to pick up your sod- Mississauga & Oakville locations are well stocked! If you have a question about our products, contact us now.