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High-Quality Kentucky Bluegrass Sod in Mississauga, Oakville and the Surrounding Areas

Provides a Lush, Mature Lawn with No Waiting Time

Sod is the perfect choice for an instantly beautiful lawn. Grown in high-quality soil and fertilized and watered with precision, the grass is lush and healthy, with a strong root structure. The individual grass blades are grown close together, giving sod a dense, full texture with no bare spots. Grass grown from seed is spaced further apart, and spaces allow room for weeds.

Sod installation is quick, and the lawn can be ready for normal use within a short time. Whether you need sod grass as part of a landscaping project, for a new home, or to replace an unhealthy lawn, you can feel confident purchasing your sod from us. A Van Beek’s lawn is healthy and full, and the dense seeding pattern that our supplier utilizes means our sod provides the best possible weed resistance. It also increases your property value, and with good care, it will enhance your landscape over the long term.

sod for sale outside home in oakville
sod for sale in Mississauga and Oakville
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Van Beek’s Superior Kentucky Bluegrass Sod

Van Beek’s specializes in high-quality, Kentucky Bluegrass sod. How does it compare to typical sod grass? As a cool-season grass, Kentucky Bluegrass offers excellent winter hardiness and is ideal for lawns in Mississauga, Oakville, and surrounding areas.

It’s a hardy grass that works for high-traffic areas and tolerates a variety of light conditions. Kentucky Bluegrass also has a unique ability to tolerate drought conditions. With just minimal watering, this grass can survive long droughts (as we often experience at the height of summer in our area), and after a rain or heavier watering, it will bounce right back to its lush, green appearance. Kentucky Bluegrass sod is also able to handle our heavy summer rainstorms without suffering damage.

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How Much Sod Do You Need?

Determining the number of rolls of sod grass required for a project is straightforward. Just measure the length and width of the area of lawn to be covered, then multiply those numbers together. That gives you a square measurement. Make sure that you order an extra few rolls for cuts or in case any of the rolls become damaged during installation. Whether you’re in need of a small number of rolls or an entire truckload, you can rely on Van Beek’s to provide you with top-quality sod in Mississauga, Oakville and the GTA.

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Premium quality grass seed and topdressing soil are also available to support the health of your lawn.

Whether you need a completely new sod installation or seed and soil to bring your existing grass back to full health, Van Beek’s can help.


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If you’re ready for a fresh, green lawn, contact us for a quote or for help determining the amount of sod that you need to purchase. We have fresh sod available for pick up or delivery every day!If you have questions about sod, contact us today or drop by one of our locations in Oakville or Mississauga for expert service and advice.

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