Van Beek’s Premium Triple Mix Soil

George Van Beek formulated the original Van Beek’s premium triple mix soil over 50 years ago. It’s a mix of pure and naturally sterilized soil, peat moss, manure, black loam, and compost that provides your garden with the vital nutrients it needs, breaks up clay and sand, and helps with drainage for maximum growth and a reduction of plant diseases caused by fungus. It’s fine-screened to ensure that it’s virtually weed-free, and it’s an ideal choice in climates where low temperatures affect growing conditions, as they do in the Mississauga, Oakville, and surrounding areas. Home gardeners and landscape professionals agree that our premium triple mix soil is a reliable and highly effective garden soil.

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Our Soils Are Available in Convenient Bags!

Neat, reusable, and delivered exactly where you need them, our soil bags are an ideal solution for large or small home garden and landscape projects. You can avoid the hassle of lifting bags, transporting heavy soil in your vehicle, and making multiple trips. Our soils, mulches, gravels, and stones can all be delivered to you in bags. Contact us to take advantage of this convenient service! CALCULATOR

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Are you in need of soil for a small or large landscaping or gardening project? We’re here to help. Contact us to request a free quote or to ask questions about garden soil products, custom soil blends, and delivery. If you’re looking for soil for sale, Van Beek’s has what you need, and our products can work wonders for your outdoor living area!

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Van Beek’s Premium Soil and Additives for Sale

The Top-Quality Products You Rely On!

Van Beek’s is the Mississauga and Oakville area’s premier supplier of soils for landscape professionals, homeowners, nurseries, local municipalities, and golf courses. Since 1962, we’ve offered garden soil for sale and made our own unique soil mixes on site, carefully controlling the moisture level, consistency, and nutrient content of our products for exceptional results. Our customized blend of materials, natural sterilization, extended composting, and fine screening result in first-class soils. Whether you choose our premium triple mix soil or one of our other products, such as topdressing, compost, topsoil, manure, black loam, or even a custom mix formulated just for you, you can expect consistency and quality every time.