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contact usGeorge Van Beek formulated the original Van Beek’s Premium Triple Mix Soil over 50 years ago.

Our Premium Triple Mix Soil is made to provide your garden with the vital nutrients it needs to grow and thrive throughout the season. In addition, it’s thoroughly screened to ensure that it remains virtually weed-free.

Van Beek’s is now one of the region’s premier suppliers of topsoil mix and custom soil mixes for nurseries, golf courses, landscape professionals and home gardeners Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Mississauga, and Etobicoke areas.

Rely on our team to provide you the best base for your lawn or garden – our company started with soil, we know soil and we know what you need in your soil delivery.

triple soil mix

Quality – It may be an odd word to use when talking about dirt, but, it’s very important to Van Beek’s – and to your end result.

We sift our triple mix soil through the smallest screens in the industry. The result is a rich, fine material suitable for a variety of landscaping purposes.

  • Naturally sterilized soil is virtually weed free.
  • Organically tested for fertility and moisture content
  • Nutritionally balanced for optimal growth
  • Balanced porosity for proper drainage and slow feed to the root system
  • Friable for proper root growth

Consistency – it’s one thing to get top quality soil, at Van Beek’s you can rely on an ongoing supply with consistent characteristics:

  • Colour – no need to worry if you need extra for your project, the next load will look and feel just like the first
  • Moisture levels – we consistently monitor our soils for moisture
  • Texture – our screening to ensure constant texture

Variety – different topsoil mixes work better for different applications:

  • The original Van Beek’s Premium Triple Mix Soil – This is it, Van Beek’s own 50 year-old recipe. Voted #1 all-purpose soil mix, this is our best seller and a favourite of both professionals and home gardeners. Van Beek’s Premium is great on clay or sand bases and it’s specifically designed for healthy plant nutrition and proper drainage in our Southern Ontario climate.
  • Topdressing – Van Beek’s Topdressing is a mix of compost, fiber and the right amount of sand that runs through some of industries smallest screens for a consistently fine texture. This makes a healthy finish when seeding your lawn
  • Custom Mixes – if you have specific requirements, the specialists at Van Beek’s know how to get the right mix
  • High Fibre, High Quality Composts – Revitalize your old soil mix instead of replacing it.

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Van Beek’s has all of the garden supplies you need, & if you don’t know what you need, we have knowledgeable and courteous staff to help you. Contact Van Beek’s today and let us get you growing with your topsoil mix delivery. One bag, delivered to you fast by Van Beek’s Garden Supplies, can work wonders for your outdoor living space.