Bin Service



Disposal bins are a great way to dispose of any unwanted soil, sod, gravel, stone, concrete, or asphalt for any DYI’er project.

Important Information for Customer and Additional Fee’s

A waiver and credit card information is required prior to the dropping off the bin, a representative will be in contact with you prior to your day of deliver. Protection of the driveway is strongly recommended, a common method of driveway protection has been done by placing 2×4’s and plywood on the driveway under the bin. Van Beek’s assumes NO liability for bin service/ any damage past the curb.

Bins can be kept for a maximum of 4 days, each additional day is $50.00 per calendar day and will be charged automatically.  If you are done early with the bin you may call to request a pick up, however, we may not be able to accommodate the immediate removal of a bin, given our currently delivery schedule.  Bins will be picked up within 72 hours of the request being made. 

Bins must contain a single product, Asphalt, Brick, Gravel, or Concrete, with the exception of Sod & Soil which may be mixed. Anything else placed into the bin may be deemed Garbage, such as:

  • Mix loads, for example soil and concrete or soil and large amount of gravel
  • House hold Garbage
  • Tree stumps, wood, branches and shrubs
  • Post construction waste
  • Anything hazardous

Prior to pick, our driver will check the contents of the bin.  If garbage is found in the bin Van Beek’s may refuse pickup until the garbage is removed or a minimum disposal fee of $350 may be charged to the credit card. Additional disposal fee of $195 per tonne may be charged upon weighing of the bin if the minimum disposal fee does not cover the disposal costs, a disposal deposit for garbage may be required prior to the bin pickup. If you are not sure if additional charges will apply for what you are disposing please contact our office at (905) 842-5053 to discuss with a representative.


Volume: 6 Yards$250.00
Volume: 8 Yards$295.00
Volume: 10 Yards$340.00