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Red Mulch - Detailed Description

Van Beek’s Red Mulch is a popular mulch product that consists of finely ground pine wood that is dyed with organic vegetable dye.  This mulch is safe to use in all types of garden beds and will help to keep weeds down and moisture locked in.  Want to add an extra layer of protection against weeds? Use one of our woven landscape fabrics under your mulch!  

In addition to helping with your garden, our mulch is safe for pets and kids. Van Beek’s Red Mulch helps with promoting a reduction in weed growth and increases moisture retention. We are proud of our Red Mulch and give our guarantee that only local materials were used when making this product.  

Our Red Mulch is available for delivery and free in-store pickup; courtesy in-store loading is also available.  

Placement frequency:  
Best results are achieved when using our Red Mulch in new gardens, annually in spring, summer or fall in existing gardens. Place our Red Mulch within two weeks of purchasing to achieve optimal results.  

Contact Van Beek’s Landscape Supply today to discover why we are recognized as the Greater Toronto Area’s (GTA) leading supplier of Red Mulch to homeowners and professional landscapers.  For those with specific needs and requirements, custom blended soils are available for larger quantities.

Red Mulch - Available Sizes (W x L x H)

Cubic Foot (25L) Bag: 
17'' x 28'' x 3.7"
43cm x 71cm x 9cm
9.1kg / 20lb

1 Cubic Yard Dumped Loose:
36'' x 36'' x 36"
91cm x 91cm x 91cm
249.48kg / 550lb

1 Cubic Yard Super Sac:
36'' x 36'' x 36"
91cm x 91cm x 91cm
249.48kg / 550lb

Disclaimer: red mulch cubic yard dumped loose is a bulk product and will be dumped on your property without a bag. Please place an X in chalk where you would like us to leave your products.

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Is red cedar mulch dyed?
Red cedar mulch comes in natural and dyed forms. The natural type has a subtle red hue, while the dyed version is more vividly red, achieved by using a safe, vegetable-based, non-toxic dye. Consult with Van Beek's for the best garden mulch choice.

Is red mulch bad, toxic (or safe) for dogs?
Red mulch is usually safe for dogs, but some types, especially those with chemical preservatives or pesticides, can pose risks. Organic, non-toxic dyes in red mulch generally don't harm pets. However, if a dog ingests mulch or has prolonged contact with it and shows distress like vomiting or breathing difficulty, consult a vet immediately. Van Beeks prioritizes pet safety with our specially designed, pet-safe mulch.

Does red cedar mulch keep bugs away?
Cedar mulch, including red cedar, contains natural oils that repel specific bugs like ants, ticks, and fleas. However, it's only a partial solution, as its effectiveness can diminish over time due to oil evaporation or rain. Regular replacement is needed to maintain its insect-repelling properties. A balanced approach, including cedar mulch, beneficial insects, insecticidal treatments, and good garden hygiene, is recommended for effective pest control.

Can I use red mulch in my vegetable garden?
To ensure the safety of edible plants, verify that the organic dye used in red mulch is safe. Additionally, the type of wood chosen for mulching plays a significant role in its suitability (steer clear of detrimental woods such as black walnut and exercise caution with recycled wood that may harbour contaminants).

When using wood mulch, be mindful of its impact on soil nitrogen levels, as it can temporarily lower nitrogen, especially if incorporated into the soil rather than applied on the surface. Another consideration is the potential attraction of pests, such as termites and slugs, by certain mulches.

Despite these concerns, red mulch proves advantageous for weed control and moisture retention in vegetable gardens, making it a valuable choice; however, consulting with knowledgeable suppliers like Van Beeks for specific garden needs is a prudent step in the decision-making process.

How long does red mulch last (and stay red)?
Dyed mulch usually keeps its colour for 1-2 years, but premium mulches may last longer. Although mulch decomposes over time, enriching the soil, it's common to add a fresh layer annually to maintain appearance and benefits like weed control and moisture retention. When choosing red mulch, consider its impact on your landscape and plants.
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