Mulch For Sale, Bulk Quantities for the Best Price

Organic garden mulch offers many advantages over chemical-based weed and insect controls and, now that many pesticides and weed killers are banned throughout Southern Ontario, landscaping mulch has become a popular and safe alternative. Finding high-quality, bulk mulch for sale near you can give your landscape project a huge boost.

Benefits of Mulch

By using the finest screen available for our premium mixes, we produce a soil that is much more conducive to healthy growth. If you’ve ever purchased soil elsewhere, you’ll immediately notice the difference of Van Beek’s mix in texture and porosity. Our mixes are nutrient rich and ideal for growing flowers, shrubs, and vegetables.

Organic garden mulch can succeed in repelling insects and inhibiting weed growth without endangering the environment. In addition to these features, mulch can also:

  • Retain moisture in the soil so that gardeners need to water less in the summer and worry less about frost damage in the winter
  • Insulate root systems from the temperature extremes that are common in Southern Ontario
  • Add an attractive amount of colour to any garden or landscaping project
  • Provide a pleasant scent to your garden (especially true of mulch varieties such as cedar).

Bulk Mulch Delivery

Before you arrange for a mulch delivery for a landscaping or gardening project, you need to plan your order. First, you need to determine exactly how much material you need. Secondly, you need to pick the correct type of mulch for the job.

Calculating Your Mulch Needs

In most cases the formula is simple: multiply the length and width of the area to be covered, and then multiply once more for the depth of the covering. The depth, of course, will depend upon the type of mulch you use, since some are more compact than others. This is where expert advice from the team at Van Beek’s Landscape Supply – your local mulch supplier – comes in handy.

Finding the Right Mulch

There are different kinds of mulch like straw, wood chips, hay, pine needles, etc. To choose the right mulch for your garden, you need to keep in mind factors like weather conditions, quality of soil and the type of plants you have.

For example, cocoa bean mulch crusts after watering and is able to inhibit weed growth better than many other landscaping materials. Cedar is rot-resistant and will last a long time in your garden. Hemlock mulch is one of the best ways to retain moisture in your garden and reduce the time you spend watering during dry spells.

Many suppliers also use organic methods to dye the materials before delivery to match any garden or décor colour scheme.

Bulk Mulch

Van Beek’s Landscape Supply has bulk mulch for sale, and has been providing mulch to Southern Ontario homes, golf courses and construction projects since 1962. We offer quick delivery and expert advice. We also have the resources to cater to all kinds of orders – bulk orders from professionals or smaller orders from recreational gardeners. Contact us to find the best mulch to fit your gardening needs.

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