Cocoa Bean Mulch

Cocoa bean mulch is an effective, attractive and organic solution for protecting the root systems of your plants. It can also be used as a safe alternative for repelling insects and inhibiting weed growth in your garden and landscaping projects.

Using Cocoa Bean Mulch in Gardening and Landscaping Projects

Cocoa bean mulch is made from the actual husks of cocoa beans. Many gardeners and landscaping professionals choose this type of mulch due to its striking colours, which range from chocolate brown to a deep burgundy or red. You can also detect a faint scent of chocolate wherever it is applied. The benefits of cocoa bean mulch stretch far beyond sight and smell, however.

When watered several times, the cocoa bean material pulls together and begins to form a crust on the top. This seal makes cocoa bean mulch one of the most effective ways to control weeds since the weeds can’t break through the surface and get the sunlight they need to grow. This seal also keeps moisture where it belongs, deep in the soil where it can continue to nourish root systems during dry winters and harsh summers. Many experienced gardeners and professional landscapers agree that cocoa bean mulch is one of the best “all-purpose” mulches to use.
Van Beek’s Landscape Supply has been selling cocoa bean, cedar, dehydrated coconut, pine straw mulch and other types of organic mulches in Southern Ontario since 1962. Give our expert team a call to discuss your gardening projects.

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