Compost Soil Mix

A compost soil mix is an ideal solution for adding nutrients to depleted soil conditions, or to improve drainage conditions for your landscape or planting projects. A high-fibre, high-quality compost can break up the sand and clay that’s in our Southern Ontario soil to promote a more porous planting and seeding surface.

Choosing a Compost Soil Mix for Your Gardening or Landscaping Project

Experienced home gardeners and professional landscapers have been using high-quality, high-fibre compost for centuries. A compost soil mix containing pure and naturally sterilized materials (often called a “triple soil mix”) can add nutrients to depleted surfaces, break up clay and sand and aid in proper drainage for maximum growth and a reduction of fungus-related plant diseases.

Compost soil mixes are also ideal in climates where cold winds and low temperatures can affect growing conditions, as they do here in Southern Ontario.

One of the best features about compost soil mix is that it’s completely organic. In many cases, compost can meet or exceed the results you can get with chemical fertilizers without all the potentially harmful toxins. If you are a gardener or landscape professional who is committed to the environment, triple soil mix can be the most effective and safe way to achieve lush and productive plant growth.

At Van Beek’s Landscape Supply, we can design and deliver a custom compost soil mix to fit your growing needs, planting conditions and weather. You can talk to one of our experts for advice or use our online form for quotes.

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