Flagstone Pavers

Our beautiful Ontario flagstone pavers are used for pathways, steps and patios in gardens and yards throughout the world. Introducing a flagstone walkway or patio can improve your outdoor living and increase the resale value of your home.

Making a Flagstone Walkway Part of Your Gardening or Construction Project

Flagstone pavers can be easily set into soil or concrete and offer extraordinary durability. Flagstones can also be cut to size by most gardening supply companies to fit specific dimensions and fill precise gaps.

With this strength and versatility, you can create organic spaces or very formal, defined spaces, depending on how you choose to set your natural surface. Some popular design options are:

  • Set widely and surrounded by moss/grass
  • Set widely and surrounded by pebbles
  • Set tightly, and gaps filled in with sand

How to DIY

Step 1: Select your material (we can help you determine how much to purchase) and choose your setting option. Flagstone pavers are sold by the pound.

Step 2: Dig the area that you plan to lay your surface about 6 inches, and level it. Additional leveling may be required as there will be some natural variation in the thickness of material. Do not lay a weed barrier after your initial leveling- this will make it difficult to do additional leveling as your lay your materials.

Step 3: Map out how you will lay your flagstone pavers. If you are using square cut, this is much easier than if you are using random sized pieces.

Step 4: Spread your joint filling material and remove excess from the patio material.

Choosing your Jointing

If your plan is to fill the gaps with grass or other plant material, a good soil will do the job of filling in the spaces between slabs. If your pieces are set tightly for a more formal design, polymeric sand will ensure the most stable jointing and minimize spreading.

To set the polymeric sand, you must spread and sweep it into the joints, and remove all excess from the tops of your patio stones. Then, direct a light stream of water over the surface area in general- this solidifies the sand into a firm binding mortar.

Other Materials

In addition to natural Ontario flagstone pavers, you can use pre-cast pavers to build a walkway, patio or steps. These flat pavers are as strong as concrete and look virtually identical to flagstone and are more resistant to the extreme weather changes during our Southern Ontario winters.

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At Van Beek’s Landscape Supply, we offer a wide variety of flagstones and Pavnat stones for your patio, walkway or steps.

And you can get everything you need to lay your flagstone walkway or patio at Van Beek’s Landscape Supply, including:

  • Landscaping sand and gravel
  • Patio stones
  • Edging
  • And much more

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