Organic Soil Delivery

More and more gardeners and landscape professionals throughout Southern Ontario are turning to organic soil mixes, compost and fibre products. Finding a local online resource like Van Beek’s Landscape Supply for organic soil mixes is an effective way to get expert advice as well as prompt delivery.

How to Know if Soil is Organic

Organic soil is free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers that can affect vegetables, fruits and even our natural groundwater supply. For a soil mix to be classified as organic, special sterilization methods must be used to eliminate weeds and fungus and guarantee the purity of the soil.

Choosing an Organic Soil Delivery Service in Southern Ontario

Most companies use fine screens to sift through the soil to promote a consistent texture and to remove weeds and foreign objects. Other companies may employ natural processes to sterilize the soil. Both of these methods conform to organic standards.

A few delivery companies also use organic methods to test the moisture and nutrients in compost and soil mixes, and to ensure that the soil is porous enough to enhance root feeding and growth. In the past, chemicals were used to determine the quality of the soil, a process that could prevent the final product from creating lush, productive plant growth.

Using Organic Soil Mixes

More gardeners and professionals in this area are turning to organic soil mixes to revitalize planting conditions that may be affected by clay, sand and our unique and sometimes challenging climate.

Whether you’re a professional landscape architect needing a way to reduce the clay content underneath your turf and fairways or a home gardener just looking for productive and healthy results from potting soil mixes, organic soil is an effective solution.

Choosing a Potting Soil Mix

Many experienced gardeners will tell you that planting methods for small pots and containers are every bit as complex as planning a major landscape renovation.

When you choose a potting soil mix, you should look for the following:

  • A natural sterilization process that ensures the potting soil mix is weed-free
  • An organic testing method that checks for moisture and fertility
  • A mix, such as Van Beek’s triple mix soil, that is nutritionally balanced for optimal growth through the addition of compost and fibre
  • A soil that has balanced porosity and friability to facilitate root growth and slow feeding.

Your Southern Ontario Organic
Soil Delivery Service

At Van Beek’s Landscape Supply, we use only natural, organic testing methods on the gardening products we deliver. Request a quote using our online form, and we can get started on your delivery order before you begin your next landscaping project.

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