Soil Delivery

Whether you are a professional nursery owner, golf course greenskeeper, landscape professional or home gardener, it makes sense to find an online resource for soil delivery.

While the online world has made ordering and the subsequent delivery of soil easier, it has also brought up a new challenge. There are so many companies offering soil delivery across wide distances that it’s easy to get overwhelmed and difficult to find a local company offering quality soil at a great price.

Using Patio Gravel in Your Garden Projects

Patio gravel has become a popular material for creating walkways, playgrounds, dog runs, driveways, garden paths and, of course, patios. Patio gravel is an extremely popular option in Southern Ontario because the small stones often reflect the large amounts of flagstone and granite that can be found in our natural environment.

Patio gravel comes in many different colours and sizes to match a variety of architectural styles and garden themes. In this area, you can choose from a selection of clear gravel, different colours of pea stone, crushed red brick, crushed granite as well as many more options.

Local Soil Delivery Service

Van Beek’s Landscape Supply has 50 years of experience with the soil conditions in the Southern Ontario and understands exactly what different kinds of gardening and landscaping projects here need in terms of soil.

For instance, we are well aware of the fact that the soil in this region has high sand and clay content. Our compost and soil mixtures are formulated accordingly, and our knowledge of local climate conditions also helps us recommend the right choice to you for your project.

Also, delivery charges tend to be more cost-efficient when the products don’t have to travel long distances. Whatever kind of gardening soil, organic soil or topsoil you need delivered, we can do it for you quickly and affordably.

What to Keep in Mind Before Ordering

  • Make sure that the new batch of soil being delivered matches the old one in colour, texture and consistency. It should also be free of natural debris, chemicals and pesticides. Check the pH balance to ensure that it is between 6.0 and 7.0 pH.
  • The price quoted to you by your supplier should be inclusive of delivery charges.
  • Before fixing a date of delivery, check the local weather forecast. Arrange to have the soil delivered when the weather is expected to be good, and it has not been raining for at least a few days prior to the day of delivery.
  • Do you have power lines or underground sewage near the house or construction area? If so, choose a dump zone that is away from these hazards. If that is not possible, have the soil delivered to you in smaller trucks. You may pay more but there will be no damage to your property and equipment.

Southern Ontario Experts

Van Beek’s Landscape Supply has been the premier soil delivery company and gardening supply company for both professionals and homeowners in since 1962. Our founder, George Van Beek, invented the triple soil mix that combines top soil, compost and fibre to provide an effective planting solution for the clay and sand soils found throughout Southern Ontario. Call Van Beek’s Landscape Supply for a delivery quote today.

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