The Best Mulch

When you’re trying to choose the best mulch for a particular garden or landscaping project, you should consider the colour, size and scent. While many of these features may seem like a matter of preference, there are some practical reasons for choosing a particular type of mulch.

Colour: Your decision may be based on the colour of the mulch and how well it matches the natural environment. Many suppliers can also use organic methods to dye the materials before delivery to match any garden or décor.

Size: Whether the mulch is sized as fine fibres or large nuggets, will dictate how well weeds and insects are controlled and how moisture is retained in the soil.

Scent: The scent of the mulch is important because it’s pleasing to your senses. In addition, some types of mulch, like cedar, may repel insects and pests.

Other Factors for Choosing the Best Mulch for your Garden

Different types of mulch excel in different ways. For example, cocoa bean mulch crusts after watering and is able to inhibit weed growth better than many other landscaping materials. Cedar is rot-resistant and will last a long time in your garden. Using hemlock mulch is a great way to retain moisture in your garden and reduce the time you spend watering during dry weather.

Choosing the Right Source for Mulch

At Van Beek’s Landscape Supply we sell and deliver a large variety of mulches and can find the best one to fit your gardening needs.

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