Split Firewood in Burlington

split firewood chopping wood in greater toronto area

For some, having a wood burning fireplace is an integral part of what makes a house feel like a home. However, it’s a lot of work to ensure you have the best split firewood to burn when you need it. At Van Beek’s Garden Supplies, we understand the importance of having a stockpile of split firewood in Burlington.

Why You Need to Split Firewood

Most full logs are too big to burn, especially for any an indoor fireplace. Splitting firewood is the most effective method for making these large logs into smaller and lighter pieces so it can burn quicker and hotter, creating a more efficient heating system in your home. Essentially, when the inside of a log is exposed by splitting, it becomes easier for the wood to catch fire.

Don’t Forget to Season Your Wood

Burlington firewood should always be seasoned. If the wood has not had the opportunity to become fully seasoned, the moisture left in it will cause it to burn slowly and inefficiently and release harmful smoke and debris into your chimney or hatch.

Splitting the wood exposes a greater surface area so the wood can dry out more effectively, so it’s important to split your wood before you season it.

Does Size Matter?

Despite what you may think, bigger firewood is not always better. After the wood has been cut into small and manageable lengths, it still needs to be split further. Keep in mind the dimensions of your fireplace or furnace, this way you’re aware of the exact split firewood sizes required. Once you know the maximum measurements that will fit into your fireplace, the wood can be split into halves or quarters depending on their starting size.

Are you having trouble finding good quality split firewood to keep your house heated? At Van Beek’s, our wood is already perfectly split and ready to burn! We offer top quality service and a wide variety of seasoned firewood for all of your split firewood needs in Burlington. Get in touch with us today or call 1-866-778-5824 to place your order and stay warm this winter.

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