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Topsoil is the topmost layer of the soil. It usually covers the top 2 to 8 inches and has the highest concentration of organic matter and micro-organisms. This makes it extremely rich in nutrients. That’s why plants generally concentrate their roots in this layer.

Yard Topsoil Requirements

If you’re looking for yard topsoil in Southern Ontario, you probably already know about the local laws that ban the use of many chemical fertilizers and pesticides. You can use online sources to find a local company that features a wide variety of organic soil mixes, composts and mulches that meet local requirements.

You may have already noticed that most professional gardeners, landscape architects and groundskeepers use organic topsoil and fertilizer on an almost exclusive basis. Part of this is due to local restrictions on many chemical fertilizers and insecticides which have made their way into our food, air and water in the past. But the truth is, organic yard topsoil and mulches are an effective way to provide a healthy finish to a yard or garden. A high-quality topdressing made from organic yard topsoil and natural fibres creates a consistent, finely-sifted soil mix that provides the perfect mix of nutrients and oxygen that most plants need to thrive.

Considerations for Buying Topsoil

Keeping in mind its importance, you need to be careful when you buy topsoil. Here are some pointers that may help you out:

  • Never buy topsoil which comes from areas that are weed-infested or contaminated with toxic chemicals.
  • When you buy topsoil make sure that it’s similar in texture to your garden soil and free of any debris.
  • Till the existing soil before you buy topsoil and spread it out. Order enough to cover at least 3 to 6 inches of your planting area.
  • Check to ensure that the soil has a rich, dark color. If it is a lighter shade or white, it indicates the presence of too much salt.
  • Crush the dirt between your fingers. If it crumbles easily, it’s good topsoil. If it’s hard to crumble, it could be because of low organic matter or high clay content.

Choosing a Topsoil

At Van Beek’s Landscape Supply we believe in offering a diverse product range so that you can choose the topsoil that best suits your gardening needs. We have several different topsoil combinations for requirements such as large-scale landscaping, potting and organic home gardening, and we take the greatest care that our topsoil has been organically treated and tested before it finds its way into your garden.
This care coupled with our extensive knowledge and experience in what soil combinations are best suited to the conditions in this part of the world means that we are able to offer you the highest quality of topsoil every time.

Topsoil Prices

When you check online resources in Southern Ontario for topsoil prices, ensure that you’re dealing with a local company with plenty of experience. Soil and climate conditions in this area can make it difficult to achieve productive and healthy plant growth.
If you’re a professional landscape artist or golf course groundskeeper, you’re probably already familiar with the type of topsoil needed to break through the sand and clay that is predominate in this area. If you’re an experienced home gardener, you probably also know that excellent results can be obtained with a mixture of organic topsoil and high-fibre mulch. If you’re merely looking for the lowest prices on such mixes, you may want to take the time to check on the processes used to produce the soil.
Organic gardening has become the norm in areas such as Oakville, Milton, Etobicoke, Burlington and Mississauga. Before you settle for the lowest price for delivery, however, double-check to see that the company uses organic means to filter the topsoil and test it for moisture and nutrients. Cheap topsoil that is full of weeds and chemicals can be more harmful to your garden or landscaping project than no soil treatment at all.

Topsoil for Sale

Getting topsoil on sale may seem like an offer too good to pass up. Some landscape artists who deal in bulk orders also prefer to wait for a sale to buy topsoil.

Buying at full price, even with a discount given by suppliers, can work out to be more expensive for people. When you buy topsoil on sale, exercise some basic caution and make sure that you are not being taken for a ride:

  • Ensure you’re satisfied with the quality of the topsoil that you are buying on sale. Premium topsoil should be sifted through a fine screen to get rid of all the naturally occurring debris.
  • The texture of the soil should not be clumpy or hard. And the pH balance of the soil must be between 6.0 and 7.0 for maximum productivity.
  • While it is tempting to buy topsoil that’s on sale, check that the colour, consistency and texture of the soil so that it matches that of the existing soil in your garden.
  • Also, ensure that there are no chemicals, insecticides or pesticides in the soil.

Buying Bulk Topsoil

When you need to purchase bulk topsoil for a large landscaping or gardening project, consistency in texture and colour becomes as important as getting the lowest possible price.

For example, your bulk topsoil delivery may include dirt that has not been properly sifted through a screen. This results in topsoil that contains weeds and debris. The texture may be clumpy and hard. All of this results in extra labour, undermining your original budget. That’s why it is important to find a delivery company like Van Beek’s that produces bulk topsoil that has been thoroughly sifted and organically tested for texture, moisture and nutrients.

Consistency in colour is important as well. If you require more than one delivery of organic bulk topsoil, you need the colour of the dirt to match each time. This is especially true when you underestimate the amount of soil you need and you have to order an additional shipment.

Topsoil Suppliers

When searching for a top soil supplier, you should look for a reliable name and do research beforehand on the kind of top soil you want for your garden. Do not be tempted by top soil suppliers who offer great discounts. While you may save money now, any compromise on the quality of the product could cost you later. Check for the consistency of the soil and make sure that it is free of weeds, chemicals and pesticides. Go to a top soil supplier who does not shy away from answering any questions you may have and will allow you to sample the product before you buy it.

At Van Beek’s Landscape Supply, we make sure that the topsoil has been sifted through a fine screen to remove all weeds and debris, and to ensure an even consistency. We also use organic methods of testing to measure moisture, fertility and porosity on a regular basis. As topsoil suppliers who ensure the highest quality, we also make sure that the color of the soil is consistent from shipment to shipment, thus guaranteeing impeccable consistency regardless of the scale of your order.

Unlike other top soil suppliers, we welcome you into our offices located in Oakville and Mississauga. Check the quality of the product that you plan to buy and ask all the questions you want! Our staff will be helpful and courteous. If you cannot come to our office, call us and get a price quote over the phone. One conversation will tell you why we are counted amongst the best top soil suppliers in Southern Ontario. Get in touch with us today.

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