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Convenient Landscape Supplies Delivery in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

Get fast and reliable delivery in the GTA and the surrounding area, including Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Milton, Hamilton, Georgetown, Brampton, Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Ancaster, Guelph, Campville, Etobicoke, Toronto, Vaughn, Richmond Hill, Markham, and Scarbrough.

Extensive Delivery Options to Match Your Needs

Van Beek's has you covered, from garden essentials like soil and mulch to a vast selection of natural stone and concrete products for your driveway or patio. Whether you are doing yearly yard maintenance or planning a large project, choose Van Beek's delivery to get all your materials right to your door.

We offer a variety of delivery options:

1 Ton Dump Truck - 4 Cubic Yards
5 ton Dump Truck - 10 Cubic Yards
Tandem Truck - 20 Cubic Yards
Triaxle Dump Truck - 25 Cubic Yards
Triaxle Dump Trailer - 60 Cubic Yards
Walking Floor Trailer - 120 Cubic Yards
Bin Truck - 10 Cubic Yard Bins
Crane Truck - 8 Skids
Moffet Truck/Trailer - 14 Skids

Fast, Reliable Delivery Where You Want It

Order online and arrange a delivery on your chosen date and in an area convenient for you. Our bulk products can be delivered in various formats, including dumped loose or in environmentally friendly, reusable, weather—and tear-resistant bags.

Please provide us with delivery instructions so that we can place your order in the most convenient location for you.

Leave an X on the driveway with tape or chalk or place a cone or tarp where you would like the material dropped off.

When ordering online, remember to fill out the Delivery Notes section with any details we may need.

Our delivery drivers promise to get as close to your desired delivery spot as possible but will use their discretion to decide whether bringing our large trucks into the area is safe.

Calculate how much product you need!

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Have questions about our delivery process? See some of our frequently asked delivery questions.

How quickly can I get my delivery? We usually can deliver the next day, but during the spring, delivery times can be pushed out to 2 to 3 days. If you need the product urgently or on the same day, call the office, and we will do what we can.
What time of day will my delivery show up on the selected day? Our deliveries start at 7 am and can arrive as late as 7 pm. If you would like to inquire about the time your delivery might arrive, please email shipping@vanbeeks.com
Will I be notified before delivery? A store employee will notify you by email or phone before the delivery goes out. If we do not receive an answer from the homeowner but have all the required delivery information, we will proceed with the order. If we do not have all the delivery information, the delivery may be postponed to later in the day or until the client calls us back.
Do I have to be home to receive my delivery? No, you do not. Please leave an X on the driveway with tape or chalk or place a cone where you would like the material dropped off. The drivers will do the best they can to accommodate the delivery location. If the driver is not able to get it exactly on the mark, they will get it as close to the desired location as possible. Smaller items, such as bags of grass seed, will be left on the front porch.
Can the driver go onto my grass? It is possible in certain circumstances, and the driver will have the final say on whether it is safe. If it has rained a lot or the lawn is damp, it will likely be impossible to go onto the grass; if it has been dry out and the ground is hard, it may be possible. In any case, if requested to go off the driveway, there is a likelihood the truck will leave marks on the grass and potentially ruts, this is not something that Van Beek's can accept liability for. Please see the delivery liability section for liability past the curb.
How many products can you deliver at one time? For bulk deliveries, we can deliver two bulk products at one time. In the cab of the same truck, we can bring grass seed and some tools if needed for no extra charge. For skidded and bag products, we can bring up to 14 skids on one delivery. Upon checking out of the shopping cart, the delivery charge will be calculated for you and will change depending on what's in the cart.
How big will a few yards of soil and mulch look on my driveway? A couple of yards of soil and a couple of yards of much, a typical amount delivered for a detached house, will take up about a car spot on your driveway.
Should I move my cars off the driveway? We highly recommend removing the vehicles from the driveway for delivery safety and to avoid being blocked.
I have a narrow alleyway or tight space. Can you deliver there? If you can safely drive a pickup truck through the alleyway or tight space, we may be able to get our truck into this location. Please remember that the truck needs to dump the product, overhead wires, eavestrough, basketball net, and overhanging trees, which may limit our ability to dump in these areas. It is recommended to call in and request a smaller truck to bring your order, consider ordering yard bags vs bulk, and have a backup dump location if the area is not accessible. The driver will determine if delivering the product to this area is safe.

Two locations for your convienence! Order online today from your nearest Van Beek's store

Oakville Location:

2410 Lower Base Line, Oakville ON L6M 4G1
Phone: (905) 842-5053

Missisauga Location:

758 Southdown Rd, Mississauga ON L5J 2Y4
Phone: (905) 257-4580