Medium Perfect Putt Package (10'x15')

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Medium Perfect Putt Package (10'X15')
Detailed Description

Bring the golf course to your doorstep with the Medium Perfect Putt Package from Van Beek's. Meticulously designed for golf enthusiasts of all levels, this package offers everything you need to create your own professional-grade putting green right at home.

The Medium Perfect Putt Package offers a comprehensive solution for those wanting a reliable and authentic home golfing experience. From the highest quality materials to thoughtful inclusions like bin rentals for a hassle-free cleanup, we've taken care of every detail so you can focus on mastering your putt.

Reimagine your outdoor space and become the golfing maestro you've always dreamed of being. Add the Medium Perfect Putt Package to your cart today and transform your backyard into your very own golf retreat!

The Medium Perfect Putt Package contains the following items:

Product Info
Rymar Pro Putt Artificial Turf
150 sq/ft
Limestone Screening
1 yd3
6 Cubic Yard Bin Rental
1 x Bin
SGC 3/8" Fiberglass Rod
1 x
SGC Metal Practice Green Rod Base
1 x
Rymar Putting Green Flag (White)
1 x
Aluminum Golf cup (6")
1 x
Grit Flint Sand Infill
4 x Bags
AGL 8" Nylon Spike
30 x Spikes
Rymar 3/8" Fiberglass Rod Knob
1 x

Contact Van Beek’s Landscape Supply today to discover why we are recognized as the Greater Toronto Area’s (GTA) leading supplier of Medium Perfect Putt Package (10X15).

Medium Perfect Putt Package (10'X15')
Additional Information

Rymar Pro Putt Artificial Turf:
Experience greens that rival professional courses. This 100% lead-free artificial turf ensures an authentic putting experience every time.  

Limestone Screening:
Crushed to the perfect consistency, lay down the perfect foundation with this premium limestone screening, ensuring a compact and levelled surface.  

6 Cubic Yard Bin Rental:
Cleaning up after your installation doesn't get easier than this. Use our spacious bin rental to manage waste efficiently.  

SGC 3/8" Fiberglass Rod:
A durable rod that stands the test of time and offers excellent flag support.

SGC Metal Practice Green Rod Base:
Secure your rod firmly with our robust and long-lasting metal base, designed specifically for practice greens.

Rymar Putting Green Flag (White):
Add a touch of realism to your green with our premium flags, marking each hole with distinction.

Aluminum Golf Cup (6"):
Crafted to professional standards, this aluminum golf cup provides an authentic hole target for your putting practice.

Grit Flint Sand Infill:
Ensure your turf remains stable and offers a realistic bounce with our specialized grit flint sand infill.

AGL 8" Nylon Spike:
Secure your turf effectively with our nylon spikes, designed to keep the green in place regardless of the weather.

Rymar 3/8" Fiberglass Rod Knob:
Meticulously designed and offers a perfect fit, ensuring stability and durability on your putting green.
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