High-Quality Grass Seed for Sale in Mississauga, Oakville and the Surrounding Areas

An Important Aspect of a Healthy and Beautiful Lawn

Homeowners and landscape professionals strive to grow and maintain beautiful lawns. Healthy lawns show pride of ownership and enhance homes, gardens, and landscaping. A healthy lawn has a rich, dark green colour and full, thick texture, free from bare spots. It is level, without hollows and bumps, and weed-free.

Proper watering, good fertilizer, and pulling or treating weeds can help maintain a gorgeous lawn, but another important component is the careful selection and use of high-quality grass seed.

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Uses and Advantages of Grass Seed

Whether you’re planting a new lawn, overseeding for thicker growth, or patching thin spots, high-quality grass seed is a necessity. Seed costs far less than sod to cover the same area, and planting is a simple process requiring minimal labour.

Grass grown from seed germinates and roots where it will grow, so there’s no risk of transplant difficulties. Seed also allows more flexibility when choosing the type of grass that you want to grow. Most sod suppliers offer a limited number of varieties, but seed choices are abundant.

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What to Look for When Selecting Grass Seed

There are several factors to consider when purchasing grass seed.

Is it fresh? Van Beek’s supplies fresh seed, ensuring that the seeds will germinate.

Is it pure? Our seeds are guaranteed to be 99% free of contaminants and weeds.

Does the supplier have expertise in grass seed production? The grass seed for sale at Van Beek’s comes from Speare Seeds, a local company specializing in high-quality grass seed for all types of residential and commercial areas.

Is the seed intended for sun or is it shade tolerant? Consider your lawn’s location. Is it intended for cold weather? Local lawns require grass that tolerates harsh winters and grows mostly in the spring and fall.

Is it a single variety or a blend? Van Beek’s sells grass seed blends that tolerate a large range of growing conditions. When conditions are harmful to one variety, another one will thrive, ensuring a robust lawn.

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Van Beek’s Grass Seed Products

Not all grass seed is the same, and that’s why landscape professionals, golf course managers, and homeowners rely on Van Beek’s. We sell top-quality seed from Speare Seeds and supplies are blended for a wide variety of applications. Favourite blends include Super Grow, Overseeding Mixture, Water Saver Mixture, Shade Mixture, and Landscape Special Mixture. We also carry specialty seeds such as White Clover, Microclover, and Kentucky Blue Grass. Each product is ideal for particular conditions.Our knowledgeable staff can answer your questions about the grass seed for sale at Van Beek’s and help you select the perfect blend for your lawn. If you are looking for grass seed for sale in Mississauga, Oakville or the surrounding areas contact us or request a quote today!

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