Hardwood, Mixed



The mixed firewood blend is our best-selling option at Van Beek’s. Our mixed firewood includes maple, birch, beech, ash, and oak wood. This mix offers you a great selection of fast- and slow-burning woods and different scents. Our mixed firewood is seasoned to ensure proper aging and optimal burning quality, ready to burn. Our mixed firewood ranges from 12″ to 16″ lengths and comes in a variety of quantities. Choose from a single bag to a full bush cord.

12" Triangle$50.00
1/2 12″ Facecord$95.00
12" Facecord$159.00
12" Bushcord$630.00
1/2 16″ Facecord$95.00
16" Facecord$159.00
16" Bushcord$630.00


How Dry is our Firewood? Over the many years of selling firewood, we have picked up a few tricks to ensure the firewood you receive has been seasoned and is ready to burn.

  • During the course of the season, we split random pieces of firewood from our stock and check the moisture content. Once the moisture is between 15 and 20% we know that it’s ready to burn and is well seasoned.
  • One of the best ways to season Firewood is by keeping it stockpiled in the fresh air and wind! This requires the wood to be outside and open to the elements. If your wood arrives slightly wet from the recent rain, not to worry this will not affect how dry the inside of the wood is. Follow our storage tips below and in a couple of days, the Firewood will be perfect to burn.

Tips for Storing Firewood

No matter how much firewood you buy, storing it the right way extends its life and helps you get the most value out of your purchase. Here are some tips for properly storing your firewood.

  • When possible, store firewood in an outdoor shed or garage to keep it away from elements like rain and snow.
  • Cover firewood stacks with a tarp if you leave them outdoors to minimize exposure and rot and to ensure your wood is dry when it’s time to use it.
  • Always stack firewood in an organized manner that allows some space on all sides of the stack for air to circulate; this prevents moisture build-up and faster rotting.
  • Keep it off the ground to reduce rot and infestation from bugs and bacteria — store firewood on a metal rack or on surfaces like concrete.
  • Leave a few logs in the firewood rack by the fireplace to start the next fire, this will ensure the quickest start the next time you are ready to enjoy a fire.