Lawns Sod

Throughout the GTA/Golden Horseshoe area, professional landscapers and homeowners rely upon high quality lawn sod for a healthy, lush turf that stands up to our, sometimes extreme, weather conditions.

Lawns sod is a quick fix solution for gardeners who do not have the time to re-seed their garden. It works well if you are looking to repair an existing lawn or plant a new one. Whether installing yourself, or hiring a professional, here is what you should know.

Before Using Lawns Sod

Before creating a new lawn with lawn sod, examine your soil conditions. You need to see how much clay and sand are in the ground, and whether drainage patterns are compacting the dirt so that oxygen won’t reach the root systems.

You also need to choose a high-quality lawn sod grown from premium grass seeds. This means that the seeds must be relatively fresh to maintain high germination percentages, and that the sod is free from weeds, contaminants and debris. A dense seed pattern within the sod can alleviate most of these issues.

Installation Guide

  • Get rid of all the vegetation in your lawn before you lay the sod.
  • Till up and loosen the soil. Once the surface is smooth, add the topsoil and till it to the ground.
  • Rake in the freshly tilled soil / topsoil mix to prepare an even surface to lay your lawn’s sod.
  • Water this area to settle the soil and prepare a moist base for your lawn’s sod.
  • Once the lawn’s sod is installed, run a lawn roller over it. This will remove all the air pockets and build strong roots.
  • Water the sod within half-an-hour of installation for about 30 – 45 minutes. After that, give the lawn a deep watering once a day (more if the weather is hot) for the first three weeks, and once every other day the following three weeks.
  • Allow the grass to take hold firmly before you mow the lawn. Avoid mowing for at least a month and a half after installing the lawn.

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Come to Van Beek’s Landscape Supply for top quality lawn sod. We have provided all kinds of gardening solutions in and around communities like Burlington, Oakville, Milton and Mississauga since 1962. We carry a wide variety of lawns sod grown using premium Speare grass seed and are trusted by professionals and homeowners alike.

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