What’s In Triple Mix Soil?

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Triple mix soilis a topsoil blend of compost, sandy soil and black loam. This combination is then sterilized to ensure it’s weed-free and nutritionally balanced for fertility and optimal growth.


Triple mix soil will help your landscaping grow


The Difference Between Triple Mix Soil and Topsoil

Triple mix soil and conventional topsoil (like the type found in bagged soil delivery) are two different things.


Triple mix soil is a mixture of products (of which topsoil is one) and processes designed to fully nourish your garden.


Other differences include:



- Made from three ingredients

- Ideal for topdressing, gardens and sods

- Tested for weed-growth and nutritional value

- Enhanced with organic materials (such as worms)

- Can be used at a greater depth



- Single, stand-alone product

- Great for sod (but can be used in other areas)

- Screened for weeds

- Enhanced with organic materials

- Ideally used for a depth around 2cm


The Importance of Having the Right Ingredients

Doing something right means starting with the best ingredients. That holds especially true when it comes to gardening.


Having good quality soil makes plants grow stronger and negates the need for chemical fertilizers.


As far as quality organic soils go, there’s nothing viewed quite as highly as triple mix soil from Van Beek’s Garden Supplies.


But what’s in triple mix that makes is so highly regarded amongst landscapers and gardeners alike?


A Consistent Recipe

Topsoil gives triple mix soil its rich colour


Triple mix soil always follows a specific recipe comprised of three crucial elements:

- Compost

- Peat moss (Sandy soil)

- Top soil (Black loam)


It’s known as the universal soil because of it’s diverse uses and general growing power.


Ideal for grass and garden plants, triple mix helps to break up heavy clay soils and invigorate overly sandy soil with an abundance of nutrients.


While Van Beek’s triple mix follows that universal recipe we feel the homegrown components that make up our soil sets it apart from similar soils available in the Burlington, Oakville and Mississauga areas.


So, what’s inside that makes our mix so good?


The Three Ingredients of Triple Mix Soil


Triple mix soil is very versatile


Ingredient 1: Compost

Our compost, which makes up the largest portion of our triple mix, is made using five separate components:

- Peat moss

- Mushroom and leaf composts

- Horse and sheep manures


This ensures that the final product has the diverse nutrients it needs to help aid growth around your lawn and garden.


Our composting process starts with the ingredients being frequently churned and mixed over the course of at least a year before it is incorporated with the other triple mix components.


The sandy soil portion, next on our triple mix soil ingredients list, allows this nutrient rich medium to leech through, delivering nutrients where they are needed.


The compost is the active component of our triple mix.


Sandy soil is an important part of triple mix soil


Ingredient 2: Sandy Soil

Next in line for our triple mix is sandy soil.


This key ingredient is included to allow the compost to do it’s work.


Sandy soil is superior to clay-based alternatives as it allows for better drainage and breaks down at a much faster rate.


Clay is far more dense and has a natural tendency to become compacted, restricting air, water and nutrient flow into your existing soil base.


Sandy soil facilitates the compost’s nutrition delivery and lets it work it’s magic.


Ingredient 3: Black Loam

Lastly, we add black loam to our triple mix.


The smallest component in our soil recipe, black loam makes up less than 10% of the finished product.


Added simply to modify the colour of our soil mix, black loam is more acidic than other soil types and delivers small amounts of nutrients compared to the compost component.


The dark, rich colour of the black loam helps to contrast the bright and vibrant plants and flowers you grow with our triple mix.


Discover Van Beek’s Triple Mix Soil for Yourself

Just like mom’s home cooking, our triple mix is made with care to ensure you have everything your garden needs in one powerful package.


Our triple mix soil is as good as it gets and can be delivered straight to your door.


Contact Van Beek’s today and get what you need to take the health of your lawn and garden to the next level.