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Yes You Can! Small September Gardening Jobs

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February 16, 2023 11:41:24 AM PST February 16, 2023 11:41:24 AM PSTth, February 16, 2023 11:41:24 AM PST



The kids are off to school. The summer’s over.


Not much left to do in the garden, right?


Actually, there’s a bunch of September gardening jobs which you can take care of now – and enjoy the results in a few weeks or months.


And if you think because September’s here, you won’t have enough time to work on the garden, think again.


These little jobs won’t take much time at all.


So, “Yes You Can” keep working in the garden during September!


September flower garden jobs

Your flowers may be in full bloom now, but soon they’ll need some care and attention. September is the perfect time to give your flowers some extra TLC.


- Keep feeding your hanging or container plants: They’re strong enough to keep their petals and colours until the first frost arrives


- Divide your herbaceous perennials: Cooler weather is the ideal time for dividing and transplanting, just make sure to water the new divisions thoroughly


- Plant your spring flowering bulbs now: Such as daffodils, crocuses or hyacinths


- Fill in gaps in your garden with autumn blooming plants: Sedums and chrysanthemums can bloom quickly and bring more long-lasting colour to your garden



September vegetable garden jobs

With some smart September gardening, you may be able to enjoy a second harvest of your favorite summer veggies.


Or you can enjoy some delicious fall vegetables.


- Keep harvesting your vegetable crops: Freezing, storing, pickling or drying your vegetables now will ensure that you can enjoy them later in the year


- Get your Halloween pumpkins ready: Remove any leaves which can prevent the pumpkins from getting the right amount of sun while they grow


- Get a head-start on the fall garden cleanup: Clear out any old of finished crops and remove any weeds to keep your garden clean for the winter


- Keep peas and beans roots in the ground: After you’ve picked beans and peas from the garden, leave the roots in the ground so that they provide the soil with rich nitrogen


- Collect mint and parsley from the garden: Place them on the kitchen windowsill to give it a fresh summer scent (and for easy access while cooking in the fall and winter)


September fruit garden jobs

Fresh fruit doesn’t have to be a summer-only delicacy.


You can take full advantage of your fruit garden during September.


- Plant your strawberry, raspberry or blackberry seeds now : They actually do well during the dormant growing season and will be ready for cropping next year


- Remove any rotting fruit from trees: Otherwise, they could spread disease if they’re left on the tree (particularly apple, pear and plum trees)


- Mow long grass under your fruit trees: It will be easier to spot windfall fruits (like apples) in short, neatly cut grass


- Cover up your peach trees: This will help prevent peach leaf curl (a fungus) from occurring and infecting your plants



September lawn care jobs

Your grass has taken a beating over the hot summer.


Now that the weather’s cooling down, it’s time to rejuvenate your lawn.


- Make a brand new lawn from turf or seed: September weather is perfect to establish new lawn growth from seed or sod


- Increase the height of your lawnmower blades: Grass growth will be slowing down, and lower blades can end up damaging or burning your grass


- Help avoid waterlogging your lawn: Aerate your lawn with a pitchfork, rake dead grass from the surface and use turf builder and topsoil to repair dead spots


- Fertilize your lawn now: Lawn fertilizer is full of potassium, which can help your lawn stay strong as the weather cools


“Yes You Can” keep your garden beautiful in September and beyond

It may be the end of summer, but it doesn’t mean it’s the end of caring for your garden.


With a little time and effort, your garden can keep its summer shine for many months after the season’s over.


And Van Beek’s is your source for supplies and products to help make your September gardening jobs a breeze.


Contact us and speak with a gardening expert today on how to keep your garden gorgeous.