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Permacon Tandem Next Wall Accessories

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Permacon Tandem Next Wall Accessories Details:

Van Beek's is excited to offer cutting-edge Permacon Tandem Next Wall System Accessories designed to expand the horizons of landscaping and architectural design.

The Tandem Next wall system is an innovative solution for creating retaining walls and double-sided walls, columns, and stairs. This versatile system is based on the unique principle of interlocking veneer units into structural units using a dovetail joint mechanism. Each structural unit features a vertical tenon (male side), while each veneer unit is equipped with at least two mortises (female side), ensuring a secure and precise connection.

The Tandem Next wall system opens up a world of possibilities, allowing the construction of vertical and sloped walls, multifaceted pillars, double-sided walls, and even outdoor kitchens and grills. To further enhance its functionality, an array of specialized accessories is available:

  • Universal Connector: This essential component ensures seamless connections across various wall configurations.
    148 / bundle

  • Double-Sided Connector: Specifically designed for creating sturdy double-sided structures.
    Bag of 50

  • Grid Pillar Kit: An essential kit for constructing robust and visually appealing pillars.
    10 / bundle

  • Modular Grid Kit: This kit simplifies the construction of complex structures, offering flexibility and ease.
    40 / bundle

  • 8ft Shelf Angle: A vital accessory for additional support in extended wall segments.
    15 pcs / bundle

  • Corner Connector: These connectors are necessary for creating sharp, clean corners for any wall project.
    Bag of 50

Embrace the versatility and innovation of the Permacon Tandem Next Wall System Accessories from Van Beek's. Whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, these accessories provide the tools to bring any vision to life quickly, precisely, and in style.

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