Permacon Tandem Next Concrete Retaining Wall System

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Permacon Tandem Next Concrete Retaining Wall Details:

Discover the revolutionary Permacon Tandem Next Wall, a groundbreaking solution in retaining wall systems, available at Van Beek's.

At the core of its innovation is the dovetail joint principle – a sophisticated interlocking mechanism involving a vertical tenon (male side) on each structural unit and corresponding mortises (female side) on the veneer units. This design allows for a seamless, slide-in assembly of the Tandem Next units, ensuring strength and visual harmony.

The construction of the Tandem wall begins with the Tandem wall starter unit, designed for easy installation on a granular base foundation. With its bevelled edges, this unit simplifies the creation of curved walls. Its use is highly recommended for laying a uniform foundation, a critical step for achieving ultimate wall stability.

This system allows you to craft sloped, vertical, reinforcing, and double-sided walls. Additionally, it offers the flexibility to construct columns and stairs, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of landscaping projects.

Use Tandem Structural Units with Melville Tandem Wall or Lafitt Tandem Wall Pieces.

Whether you're planning to enhance a residential landscape or embark on a larger commercial project, the Permacon Tandem Next Wall system offers an unmatched combination of durability, design flexibility, and ease of installation.

Permacon Tandem Next Wall System is ideal for the following applications:

Shape, Sizes and Formats:
Permacon Tandem Next Wall System comes in the following sizes and formats:

sizeinchesmmqty per bundleqty per layer
180mm Structural7.062 x 7.875 x 7.875180 x 200 x 19912832
Starter Unit3.562 x 10.5 x 18.590 x 268 x 469568
sizeinchesmmqty per bundleqty per layer
Structural 90mm A3.56 x 6.125 x 7.87590 x 155 x 201366
Structural 90mm B3.56 x 6.125 x 10.590 x 155 x 268366
Structural 90mm C3.56 x 6.125 x 13.18790 x 155 x 335366
Structural 90mm D3.56 x 6.125 x 15.81290 x 155 x 402366

Coverage by bundle :
Tandem Next Wall 180 mm Structural - 48.64 SqFt
Tandem Wall Structural Unit 90 mm - 42.12 SqFt

Tandem Next Wall 180 mm Structural - 2903 lbs per bundle
Tandem Wall Structural Unit 90 mm - 2711 lbs per bundle

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