Permacon Grande Concrete Retaining Wall

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Permacon Grande Concrete Retaining Wall Details:

Van Beek's proudly introduces the Permacon Grande® Concrete Retaining Wall, a robust engineering and sophisticated design blend.

This cutting-edge design reinforces the wall's structural integrity and imparts an unmatched flexibility in its application. From constructing towering retaining walls that command presence to designing walls that need to adapt to the unique challenges of a sloped landscape, the Grande® system accommodates it all with ease.

This system demonstrates its versatility in situations requiring a wall with vertical setbacks, effortlessly adapting to varied design needs. Furthermore, the Grande® wall elegantly conforms to the landscape for uneven or sloped terrains, ensuring aesthetic appeal and functional utility.

The Grande® wall system is designed to be self-supporting. It can be reinforced with geogrid solutions for more demanding applications, providing additional strength and resilience. This feature makes it ideal for various projects, from residential landscaping to large-scale commercial developments.

The Permacon Grande® Concrete Retaining Wall, available at Van Beek's, is more than just a retaining wall—it's a versatile solution that combines durability, beauty, and innovation.

Available Colours:
Permacon Grande Concrete Retaining Wall is available in the following colours:

Permacon Grande Concrete Retaining Wall is ideal for the following applications:

Shape, Sizes and Formats:
Permacon Grande Concrete Retaining Wall comes in the following sizes and formats:

sizeinchesmmqty per bundleqty per layer
375 Standard7.875 x 14.75 x 39.375200 x 375 x 100093
750 Standard7.875 x 29.5 x 39.375200 x 750 x 100041
1125 Standard7.875 x 44.29 x 39.375200 x 1125 x 100031
Wall Corner7.875 x 19.687 x 39.375200 x 500 x 100062
Wedge Wall7.875 x 12.31 x 14.96 / 9.84200 x 313 x 380 / 250369

Coverage by bundle :

375 Standard: 19.4 Sq Ft per bundle

750 Standard: 8.6 Sq Ft per bundle

1125 Standard: 6.45 Sq Ft per bundle

Wedge Wall: 29.5 Sq Ft per bundle

Weight per bundle:

375 Standard: 3300 lbs per bundle

750 Standard: 2543 lbs per bundle

1125 Standard: 3190 lbs per bundle

Corner Wall: 2811 lbs per bundle

Wedge Wall: 2978 lbs per bundle

Weight per unit:

375 Standard: 355 lbs per unit

750 Standard: 710 lbs per unit

1125 Standard: 1065 lbs per unit

Corner Wall: 469 lbs per unit

Wedge Wall: 82.9 lbs per unit

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